Bid Notices can be found on the Nassau County Bid Solicitations Board

Note: there is a direct link to the Bid Solicitation Board under eServices for Business on the Nassau County Home Page

Please be advised that effective January 1, 2019, Nassau County will no longer require vendors to pay a fee to register as a vendor to participate in County solicitations on its electronic bid boards.  The County will continue to require vendors to be registered and identify the commodity categories of interest to ensure that vendors are notified of all potential offerings of interest.  The vendor registration fee, which currently is required for a vendor to receive notice of bids, download bid documents, and submit bid responses, will be replaced with a progressive fee schedule for contract awards in excess of $10,000.  This change will allow all vendors the opportunity to review specifications and present offers in response to County bid solicitations and will eliminate any charge to vendors interested in participating only in small purchase solicitations.

If you have previously registered with the County or have not yet registered with the County, we ask that you please visit our website at https://www.nassaucountyny.gov/  to do so free of charge.  You can find the link to the Vendor Registration by scrolling down to the bottom of the page and looking in the lower righthand corner.

The County is committed to offering a transparent, efficient, competitive and inclusive procurement process open to all vendors interested in doing business with the County.

Benefits include:

  •  Access from any computer or mobile device.
  •  Ability to self-register and maintain your account.
  •  Ability to receive email notifications and text messages of Nassau County purchasing opportunities.
  •  Real time bidding and revised bid board.
  •  Ability by political subdivisions to participate in the bid process.
  •  A new cloud based Blanket Purchase Order (BPO) page that allows all County BPO contracts to be easily access by all political subdivisions.

Purchases are subject to NY State Municipal bidding law and Nassau County Charter requirements, which require the following:

  • Purchases under $500 do not require competitive bids. Only one recorded quote is required. Additional quotes may be requested if the Buyer deems it appropriate for savings potential.
  • Purchases $500 to $2999 require three informal competitive bids. The Buyer must obtain and record at least three verbal quotations.
  • Purchases $3000 to $9999 - The Buyer must obtain and record at least three written informal quotations from the vendors.
  • Purchases $10,000 or more - The Buyer must prepare a Formal Sealed Bid which has a separate set of compliance rules requiring strict adherence. The sealed bid is typically sent to at least three bidders and is advertised in Newsday. Bid notification is also posted on the Nassau County website www.nassaucountyny.gov, “eServices for Business”, “Bid Solicitation Board
  • Vendors are given a minimum of 5 days to respond, although most formal bids provide additional time. Sealed bids are opened publicly at a precise, prescribed time and location. Other minor procedural requirements may apply.
  • In all cases the lowest responsible bidder is awarded the order/contract

There are exceptions to the Formal Sealed Bid rules for documented “sole source” scenarios and NY State contract items or services.

Purchases of $100,000 or more must be presented to the Nassau County Legislature Rules Committee for approval unless ordered under NYS contract authority.

Vendors wishing to be registered with Nassau County must do so via the Internet on-line by CLICKING THIS LINK -or- From the Nassau County Home page under “eServices for Business”, go to “Vendor Registration”

We encourage all vendors to contact the appropriate agency and/or assigned buyer of their particular product or service to also introduce themselves personally to ensure ongoing awareness of your company and its capabilities. Buyer assigned commodities are listed on the Nassau County website under the Office of Purchasing.