Administering Naloxone

administering narcan revised

7 Steps for Trained Overdose Responders

  1. Stimulate with sternal rub or trapping technique.
  2. Call for help—911.
  3. If the person is not breathing, perform rescue breathing.
  4. Administer Naloxone.
  5. Place survivor in recovery position on their side.
  6. Stay with overdose survivor until help arrives.
  7. Obtain a Naloxone Replacement Kit and notify the County of the usage.

Naloxone Co-payment Assistance Program (N-CAP)

Under the New York State Department of Health's Naloxone Co-payment Assistance Program (N-CAP), individuals can access low-cost or no-cost naloxone at pharmacies across the state. At participating pharmacies, individuals with prescription coverage as part of their health insurance plan can receive up to $40 in co-payment assistance for the purchase of this lifesaving drug.

Uninsured individuals and individuals without prescription coverage can receive naloxone at no cost through New York's network of registered opioid overdose prevention programs.