What Are The Three Laws NYS Enacted in Response to Unintended Overdose

1. NYS PUBLIC HEALTH LAW Section 3309:

Since April 2006, it is legal for Trained Overdose Responders (non-medical persons) to carry and administer NARCAN in NYS, as it is considered first aid. The law protects the person administer-ing NARCAN from being sued.

Bill S6477B same as A8637B
Amended 2014:

A health care professional may prescribe by a patient-specific or a non-patient-specific prescription, dispense or distribute directly or indirectly an opioid antagonist to an opioid antagonist recipient.

2. NYS PUBLIC HEALTH LAW Section 3343 (a):

In 2011, the state passed the I-STOP Act, which creates a prescription monitoring registry to iden-tify and stop drug seekers "doctor shopping" for meds. The system can on line in August 2013.

3. NYS PENAL LAW 220.78:

Since September 2011, the 911 Good Samaritan Law protects against being charged with misde-meanor drug possession if you call for help in a medical emergency.

Exceptions: Protection does not extend to offenses involving drug trafficking an sale, obstruction or interference with law enforcement, possession of felony amounts of controlled substances.