239-F Plan Reviews

239-F Plan Reviews

The Nassau County Department of Public Works is responsible for overseeing the review and approval of all 239-f applications submitted to the County. To assist applicants with the County’s review process, the Department has created this resource page with links to relevant documents and guidelines.

Since County Executive Curran’s establishment of the Blue-Ribbon Panel to Streamline Development Approvals in April of 2019, the Department has been collaborating with the Panel on how to improve the 239-f process.  In December of 2019, the Panel released its Final Report with a suite of technical and policy recommendations.  The Department will implement these recommendations in the coming months, several of which are already being planned.  We encourage you to check this page periodically for updates and new information on the County’s process.

For all questions pertaining to 239-f, please contact the new 239-f General Information Line at (516) 571-3300.

Electronic Plan Submission Requirements (Effective 5/3/21)


239-F Application

Guidelines & Standard Comment Response Forms

General Notes
239-F Submission Checklist
Civil Site Review Guidelines for 239-f (2015)
Civil Site Review Standard Comment Response Form for 239-f (2017)
Drainage Water Resources Guide for 239-f (2004)
Traffic Engineering 239-f Standard Comment Response Form & Guidelines (2016)

239-f Coordination Meeting Schedule

Applicants have the opportunity to discuss their applications with DPW’s 239-f reviewers in a bi-weekly coordination meeting.  The meetings take place every other Wednesday from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM at DPW Headquarters.  Applicants must sign up upon arrival and will be seen on a first come first served basis.  Applicants may also call the 239-f General Information Line to sign up ahead of time. 

239-f On-Site Traffic Engineering Meeting Request Form

The Department now offers on-site meetings with NCDPW traffic engineering staff for applications that have already received NCDPW comments. To schedule a meeting to review specific NCDPW comments, please fill out the meeting request form. A representative from the NCDPW Traffic Engineering Unit will respond to the request as soon as possible.

 239-f On-Site Traffic Engineering Meeting Request Form

239-f Application Tracker

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Blue-Ribbon Panel to Streamline Development Approvals

Final Report of the Blue-Ribbon Panel - December 11, 2019

About 239-f

Section 239-f of New York State General Municipal Law (GML§239-f) requires municipalities (towns, villages and cities) to refer certain proposed subdivision plat or building permit applications to the County’s commissioner of Public Works for review. Applications subject to County referral include subdivision and building permit applications where there are proposed structures, proposed new streets, or proposed buildings which shall have frontage on, access to, or be otherwise directly related to any existing or proposed right-of-way or site shown on the County’s official map. The commissioner has established requirements to meet the technical aspects of such approval and the County Legislature has established ordinances to set fees for these reviews. The commissioner is responsible for responding in writing with approval, disapproval or approval with conditions to the referring agency.