2014 Field Audits

10/30/2014        Real Estate Services (PDF)
                          Purpose: to determine if the Office of Real Estate maximizes rent, permit, and concession revenues,                                                          accurately captures all County owned and leased properties, and assesses the need to hold or                                                                    dispose of properties. The report covered the period from January, 2011 through May 2013, amounts                                                          were continually updated through December 21, 2013, for comparative and informational purposes.    
10/09/2014        Limited Review of Time Records (PDF)
                          Purpose: to determine the extent of part-time employees clocking excessive hours greater than                                                                  County guidelines allow and whether the employees worked the hours for which they were paid.
09/17/2014        Nassau Community College Graduation and Transfer Review (PDF)
                          Purpose: to examine student outcomes at Nassau Community College, based on both the transfer                                                              rate, and the rate of degree completion, from 2009 through 2012. 
07/31/2014        Final Limited Review of Nassau Suffolk Truck (PDF)
                          Purpose: to assess Nassau County’s contract with Big Trucks Corp LTD. (Nassau Suffolk Truck), to                                                            determine if the vendor provided maintenance and vehicle repairs in an accountable, efficient, and                                                              timely manner.
06/13/2014         Nassau Community College Is Failing Our Students; Calls for Appointment of Permanent President (PDF)
05/29/2014         Limited Review of Clinton G. Martin Park District (PDF)
04/16/2014         Comptroller's Review of the Mid-Island Therapy Associates, LLC, d/b/a All About Kids (PDF)
03/18/2014         Follow Up Review of Nassau Health Care Corporation (PDF)
02/14/2014         Operational Review of the Comptroller's Office Health Insurance Unit (PDF)
01/07/2014         Limited Financial Review of Nassau Community College (PDF)