Commissioner of Investigations


  • Identifies instances of fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Promotes and maintains integrity in county government.
  • Investigates the practices of county agencies and those who work for, do business with, or receive benefits from the county.
  • Advises the county regarding the remediation of fraud, wasteful practices, or abuse of authority and, where necessary, makes referrals for criminal prosecution.

To carry out these responsibilities, the Office needs citizens to report situations that should be investigated. While it will be helpful if we can contact you, you may remain anonymous when filing a complaint form (PDF).

If you know of a situation we should look at:

Call out hotline: (516)-571-STOP

Fax: (516)-571-2372

Print out a Complaint Form (PDF) and mail it to the address below: 

1 West St. Mineola, NY 11501