Mission Statement
The mission of the Nassau County Youth Services is to promote self-esteem, positive values and morals, citizenship, dignity, as well as physical, social, and mental well-being among the youth of Nassau County through youth and community development. 

Our guiding principles are empowering youth, strengthening families, creating healthy alternatives, developing communities, and establishing partnerships and service integration. It is important that young people have an opportunity to learn and grow within communities that represent the kind of world in which they live. We need to support and replicate programs that work, experiment with initiatives, cross systems programming, and build capacity for programs for youth most in need. We move forward to create opportunities for young people creating a culture of responsibility, service, and citizenship through the development of partnerships among government, the non-profit sector, schools, businesses, and other community organizations. 

For general information and inquiries, you also may send an e-mail to the appropriate unit within the Youth Board's office. See list below:

Director (516) 227-7115
Director of Operations (516) 227-7115
Director, Office of Contract Management (516) 227-7125
Director, Development, Training & Legislative Advocacy (516) 227-7143
Director, Office of Fiscal Management (516) 227-7124
Administrator, Crisis, Transitional & Support Services (516) 227-7112
Administrator, Juvenile Justice Programs (516) 227-7117