Probation Services

Probation Service

Chemical Dependency Services at Probation

For over thirty-five years the Nassau County Department of Human Services has collaborated with the Probation Department of Nassau County. A counselor specializing in the treatment of substance use disorders is co-located at the Probation Department. This collaboration between the substance abuse counselor and probation officers has enabled both to help women and men who have a substance use disorder and are on probation get into treatment. This inter-disciplinary collaboration also allows probation officers to intervene promptly with probationers who may be in violation of probation due to substance and alcohol use.

The Department of Human Services' chemical dependency counselor at Probation provides screening, intervention, information and consultation; and facilitates admission to substance abuse crisis services, outpatient and inpatient treatment.

The chemical dependency counselor at Probation is available to speak with men and women on probation and their family members; and colleagues in the mental health, substance abuse and human service professions. Please call 571-4559 for more information.