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Message from the Director of Community Services

Welcome to the Nassau County Office of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, and Developmental Disabilities Services homepage on the web. As you browse through this website, we hope that you find it informative and helpful. We have provided an overview of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, and Developmental Disabilities system of service, and a comprehensive guide to the array of programs available to Nassau County residents. We have also included several directories, crisis contacts, and links to additional online resources that will provide you with further information on behavioral health services and the types of programs available. Our professional staff are available to assist you with any questions or concerns that you may have.

Omayra Perez, LCSW-R

Agency Vision

The Nassau County Office of Mental Health, Chemical Dependency, and Developmental Disabilities Services promotes the development of a comprehensive, coordinated system of services that enables those with a mental illness, chemical addiction, or developmental disability to maximize their functioning to live safely and successfully in the community.

Agency Core Values

  • Compassion and respect for persons served
  • Belief in the potential for recovery and one’s ability to maximize their potential for independent living

Agency Mission

  • Promote the highest quality of clinical, supportive, and rehabilitative services, so that individuals can safely and effectively work towards recovery.
  • Foster the delivery of services that enable the developmentally disabled to achieve their potential for autonomous functioning and self-sufficiency.
  • To provide oversight and methods of accountability to ensure that services are responsive to individuals needs and are delivered in accordance with best practice standards.
  • To evolve services in a changing health care environment that meet one’s holistic needs.
  • Provide for full, open, and meaningful participation for the people who use services.
  • To safeguard the client’s right to receive services and maximize client choice.
  • To ensure that those most in need have access to care
  • To ensure county Planning incorporates input from clients, family, providers, and the community at large.