3 E's for Safety


For Hempstead Turnpike, the New York State Department of Transportation has upgraded the Pedestrian Crosswalks along the entire length of Hempstead Turnpike by repainting stripes and increasing visibility. The County Public Works Department has done the same at many of the County intersections along the Turnpike; Countdown timers have also been installed at many of the crosswalks and the timing of the pedestrian signals at the crosswalks have been extended to allow and encourage pedestrians to cross safely.


The County's Traffic Safety Board (TSB) has been coordinating with the Nassau Police Department and the Village and City Police Departments in training for officers regarding pedestrian safety, as well as drivers' failure to yield, speeding, and other elements that make crossing dangerous for pedestrians. This training includes techniques to warn the pedestrian of potential dangers, and to issue violations to drivers who fail to abide by the laws. The goal is to use enforcement as a way of educating pedestrians and informing them of the laws that govern their behavior.


With the help of a $6,500 grant recently received by the TSB - in conjunction with the New York Coalition for Transportation Safety - county officials will schedule presentations on "pedestrian safety" and the "dangers of crossing", for students at Nassau's high schools. The presentation will highlight an 8-minute "Walk Safe" video, featuring friends and family members of three young people struck and killed along a deadly stretch of Hempstead Turnpike. Officials hope that first on the schedule will be a presentation at Division High in Levittown, which lost three students to Turnpike crossings. Education is also about Public Awareness, of the dangers of crossing anywhere but at the designated crosswalks.