You Can be Part of the Solution

You can help fight fraud, waste, abuse, and corruption impacting the County government or its funds.

The independent Nassau County Office of Inspector General (OIG) is there for people to report fraud, waste, abuse, or corruption within or affecting Nassau County’s government.  You can help by reporting suspicious activity.  If you have a complaint or allegation involving a Nassau County agency, any of its employees, or any individual or entity that does business, or is trying to do business, with the County, tell us about it.

Your call, email, or letter could be the one that saves Nassau County millions of dollars.

You can contact the OIG in many ways:

       Nassau County Office of the Inspector General
       1 West Street, Room 341
       Mineola, NY 11501

  • By telephoning us at:
    • Complaints & Tips:          (516) 571-IG4U (4448)
    • All Other Matters:            (516) 571-1470

Examples of issues that should be reported to the OIG:

  • Contractor and vendor fraud against the County, including false claims for payment.
  • Purchasing or bidding irregularities in County procurements.
  • Construction-related fraud on County projects.
  • County employee misconduct, conflicts-of-interest or corruption.
  • Offer, payment, or acceptance of bribes or gratuities, or solicitation of kickbacks.
  • Theft of Nassau County funds, revenue, property or other materials.
  • Significant waste of money or inefficiencies within the Nassau County government.
  • False documentation, certifications, licenses.
  • Whistleblower reprisal against a County employee.
  • Any other activity suggesting wrongdoing or impropriety involving Nassau County’s projects, programs, operations, employees, contractors, vendors, or anyone who receives County money.

Issues that OIG Typically Does Not Investigate

While the OIG welcomes all complaints and tips, please be aware that its jurisdiction and focus are limited and there are topics that OIG does not investigate.  

OIG does not investigate fraud, corruption, waste or abuse unless it directly impacts or involves the Nassau County government or the County’s funds, revenue or resources.   For additional detail, please see the FAQs section of this website.