Online Complaint Form

The Nassau County Office of the Inspector General (OIG) relies on concerned county employees and members of the public to provide us with information regarding alleged fraud, waste, abuse, corruption and misconduct related to county agencies, projects, programs, operations, or vendors. Although you can remain anonymous in submitting an allegation to us, your information is most useful if we can contact you if follow-up questions are necessary.

Please provide as much information as you can. Information that is too vague or cannot be supported can result in closing your complaint without remedial action. Therefore, we encourage you to give us at least one way to contact you.

If you wish to request confidentiality, please specify on the following form. If you do, we will not reveal your identity without your permission except as required by law. There are provisions of law that under appropriate circumstances protect employees from retaliation. If you believe that making a report to the OIG will place you at risk of retaliation, you should inform us of that as well.

Please upload, email or mail us any documents supporting your complaint.

Any additional information you acquire after making your report to the OIG should be reported to us in a follow-up phone call, email or letter.

Please CLICK HERE to file a complaint using our online complaint form.