2016 Field Audits

12/12/2016       Final Review of Dover License Agreements (PDF)
                         Purpose: to review Dover's compliance with the terms of the licensing agreements
10/17/2016       Final_Review of Armor Correctional Health Services (PDF)
                         Purpose: to review Armor’s compliance with the terms of their contract with the County for the provision of                                                 medical services at the Correctional Center; to perform a comparative review of the costs of services provided                                           by Armor, and formerly by NHCC; to evaluate the quality of health care provided, based on New York State                                                 Commission of Correction inquiries.
07/27/2016       Final_Armor Living Wage Review (PDF)
                         Purpose: to determine whether Armor was in compliance with the Living Wage Law ("Law") and the related rules                                       for its employees. The review period was January 1, 2014 through December 31, 2015. Armor had 161                                                       employees in 2014 and 166 employees in 2015 at the Nassau County Correctional Center infirmary.
04/25/2016       Final NCPD Overtime Audit Report (PDF)
                         Purpose: to perform a comparative year to year analysis of NCPD overtime, including the precincts and                                                     employees with the largest amount of overtime; determine the reasons for overtime and the validity of the                                                   reasons; and analyze NCPD cost savings initiatives to manage overtime.
03/29/2016       Final_DSS Child Support Bank Account Review (PDF)
                         Purpose: to ensure that the Department of Social Services (DSS) is fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities over the                                         collection and distribution of monies meant for the support of children; determine whether the DSS Support                                                 Collection Unit’s bank reconciliations are performed timely and accurately with adequate supervisory oversight;                                         and to determine that DSS has adequate controls to safeguard against misuse or abuse of funds.

01/16/2016       Final Limited Review of OHCD DSS Homeless Shelter Inspections (PDF)
                         Purpose: to determine if there were any outstanding safety issues with a particular homeless shelter under the                                           jurisdiction of the Nassau County Office of Housing and Community Development and the Nassau County                                                 Department of Social Services.