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1. Who must be licensed?
2. Do commercial contractors need a license?
3. Who else doesn't need a license?
4. Do I need insurance to obtain a home improvement license?
5. Must I post a bond?
6. How old must I be to obtain a license?
7. For how long are licenses issued?
8. What is the cost of a home improvement license?
9. What else must I do to obtain a home improvement license?
10. If my company is located out of N.Y.S. but I use a telephone answering service within New York, is that sufficient?
11. May I start work once I apply for a license?
12. May I advertise once I apply for a license?
13. How do I renew my license?
14. What if I am late with my renewal?
15. What if it is later than 60 days?
16. What is the penalty for working without a license?
17. May I transfer my license to another contractor?
18. Must I display my license?
19. What if I maintain more than one office in Nassau County?
20. What if I misplace my license?
22. If my company changes name, address, ownership or management, must I notify the Office of Consumer Affairs?
23. Am I responsible for getting permits before starting work on a house?
24. Am I permitted to offer to pay a loan as a way to persuade a homeowner to enter into a home improvement- contract?
25. Does the home improvement law regulate my advertising?
26. What else is prohibited?
27. If I fail to resolve a valid complaint can I be fined or my license suspended or revoked?
28. If I have my license suspended or revoked in another jurisdiction, what must I do?
29. For what other actions can I be fined or have my license denied, revoked, or suspended?
30. What is a contract?
31. What must be included in the contract?
32. Must I complete the work by the date in the contract?
33. Must I furnish the homeowner with a separate Notice of Cancellation?
34. What is the restitution fund?
35. If there is a claim against me pending with the Home Improvement Restitution Fund, can I get my license renewed?
36. What law governs home improvement contractors in Nassau County?
37. What is the procedure for obtaining a home improvement license?