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1. How do I determine if a vendor is already in the County’s master vendor file?
2. How can a vendor be added to the County list?
3. Can I make a change to a purchase order that has already been approved?
4. When a vendor completes and returns a claim form, what is considered valid ‘original supporting documentation’?
5. I ordered a department supply without having a purchase order in place. How can I get payment to the vendor?
6. How can I find out if a blanket purchase order expired?
7. Can I “reactivate” a past temporary vendor?
8. Who may initiate a contract?
9. Will I have a problem if the shipping charges on my order are less or greater than estimated?
10. I am having trouble making an entry into FAMIS or ADPICS. My documents keep rejecting. What do I do?
11. My contract has been encumbered in FAMIS. Can I begin to submit claims?
12. I do not see my question answered here.