Rifle & Pistol Range

All CDC Guidelines will be followed:
All must wear masks and stay six feet apart

The Nassau County Rifle and Pistol Range is the only such facility open to the public in the county. There are six ranges and 30 individual shooting points available, and targets can be set from 5-30 yards. Hunting safety classes are also offered. The range is located at the Mitchel Field Athletic Complex in the "Hub" area, just west of the Nassau Coliseum.

  • The only indoor range in Nassau County open to the public
  •  Excellent lighting and air system to ensure a safe shooting environment
  • The range accommodates rifles, shotguns, and handguns
  • Each range is 30 yards in length w/target holder that can be from 3 to 90 feet
  • Plenty of free parking
  • The range is available for use by certified clubs
  • The range has NRA certified instructors
  •  The range does not rent any guns
  • Black powder firearms are NOT permitted

No membership fee is required, but daily admission fees are charged. View Leisure Pass information.

Admission Fees

Admission (Per person, per point, per hour)
Resident Adult (17&over) w/leisure pass
Resident youth (12-16) w/leisure pass
Non-Resident or Resident wo/leisure pass
Non Resident youth 
Resident Senior (60+) w/ leisure pass
Resident Volunteer FF, EMS, Aux Pol,Phys challenged w/leisure pass 
All $4 fees are per person M-F before 6PM
Leisure pass required for all resident discounts rates (No exceptions)
Non Resident Veteran (with Veteran ID)                                                  

Nassau County Veterans, one time leisure pass fee, and $4.00 all the time

Call Ahead

Because the facility is heavily utilized by a variety of law enforcement agencies, we strongly suggest that members of the general public call ahead of time to ensure that ranges are available.

No Gun Rental

Please note that the Nassau County Rifle and Pistol Range does not rent guns.

Nassau County Range Regulations:

  1. The first rule or the range is Safety, any person who conducts him/herself in an unsafe manner or violates any rules will be subject to immediate expulsion from the facility.
  2. Only persons using a firearm are permitted downrange(as defined by range personnel) NO SPECTATORS
  3. Firing points may not be changed without the permission of a Range Officer
  4. All uncased or exposed firearms are to be pointed up, UNLOADED,action open and placed in rack while in lobby area.
  5. Pistol Permit holders SHALL NOT allow the use of their pistol by another permit holder. AND NO ONE CAN SHOOT A HANDGUN WITHOUT A LICENSE.NO EXCEPTIONS
  6. All uncased firearms will be carried in a safe manner, unloaded, with the actions open.
  7. All firearms not in use must be made safe,unloaded,actions open, and placed in rack or cased at shooting points
  8. A command of CEASE FIRE must be obeyed instantly. During a CEASE FIRE ALL FIREARMS must be made safe, mags out, actions open.NO ONE TOUCHES A FIREARM DURING A CEASE FIRE
  9. All firearms must be pointed downrange when at assigned point (firing line)ALL FIREARMS ARE CASED AND UNCASED AT YOUR ASSIGNED POINT ONLY< with muzzle pointed downrange
  10. NO RAPID OR CROSS FIRING Rifles may be loaded with 5 rounds max in a magazine, pistols can be fully loaded ( for now)
  11. NO one is permitted in front of the firing line
  12. Only Targets approved by Range personnel will be permitted
  13. 17 year olds must be accompanied by an adult 21 or over
  14. No one under 12 is permitted in the range, and then with the proper paperwork
  15. No smoking anywhere in the building
  17. Persons ages 12-16 may fire a .22 small bore rifle only and only under the following conditions:

Be supervised by;

  • A parent or guardian who has in his possession a New York State Hunters Safety Certificate-
  • A duly commissioned officer of the United States Army,Navy,Marine Corp,Coast Guard, or NY National Guard.
  • A duly qualified adult citizen of the United States Army who has been granted a certificate as an instructor in Rifle issued by the United States Army,Navy,Marine Corp,or the Adjutant General of the US or by the National Rifle Association
  • Present a photo ID and an official proof of age document with a raised seal


Secure Ammunition and Firearm Enforcement act

As of April 15th 2014 the Safe Act is in full effect. All firearms that fall under the safe act must be registered or made compliant. Any violation will result in loss of range privileges.

No Open toed shoes allowed, closed shoes only,No phones, cameras or videos are to be used in the ranges
 and The range does not rent any firearms.