Management & Budget


  • To establish and maintain Nassau County's financial reputation as a soundly operated municipal government that delivers needed services cost-effectively to the people of the County.
  • To ensure that the County's Operating Budget is in balance and that the County allocates resources in a manner that is consistent with the County Executive's priorities and with the goals and objectives of County departments.


  • Providing fiscal expertise and support for financial decision making based on realistic and accurate assumptions to enable the County to achieve its Vision and Mission.
  • Developing an Operating Budget, Capital Budget, and Multi-Year Financial Plan that are based on strict adherence to established and generally accepted financial policies and best practices and realistic assumptions.
  • Collaborating with County departments to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives.
  • Monitoring departmental expenses and revenues on a monthly basis and regularly processing fiscal transactions on behalf of County departments.
  • Working with departments to ensure that Multi-Year Financial Plan initiatives are being implemented and monitored.
  • Linking performance to fiscal decision-making.
  • Monitoring, facilitating, and ensuring sound financial management of grants and Federal and State Aid and the pursuit of competitive grants that are in accord with the County Executive's priorities.
  • Providing accurate, timely, and understandable financial information to the County's managers, fiscal monitors and the public.
  • Structuring all debt issuances to meet the County's cash flow and capital needs; providing guidance for debt issuance decisions; maintaining appropriate capital assets for present and future needs; and protecting and enhancing the County's credit rating.
  • Performing special projects that require the coordination of multiple departments and/or multiple disciplines to improve, among other things, fiscal management, general business processes, energy management, and technology utilization.