Office of Management and Budget 

Ray Orlando, Deputy County Executive for Finance - 
Donna Chisena, Administrative Assistant -

Andrew Persich, Budget Director – Andrew Persich joined the Office of Management and Budget in January 2016.  His responsibilities include overseeing Grants Management, the financial reporting for grants, assisting the Director with various other financial operation from annual budgets to legislative items.  He is also a member of the Nassau County Audit Committee.  Prior to joining Nassau County, Mr. Persich was the Business Manager for the Greenlawn Water District.  His responsibilities included preparing annual operating and financial statements, as well as handling the day-to-day administrative function of the district.  Prior to joining Greenlawn, he was responsible for preparing the annual budgets and financial statements and was instrumental in helping the Town in receiving a “AAA” bond rating.  Mr. Persich was previously with the County as a Deputy Budget Director, and was responsible for the budgets of General Services, Park, Public Works, and the Sewer and Storm Water Authority.  He also assisted in compiling the budget information for the entire County as well as administering the interfund transfers.  His prior experience includes 15 years in the financial services sector.  Mr. Persich received his B.A. in Accounting from New York Institute of Technology.

Finance and Operations Units

Christopher L. Nolan, Senior Deputy Director of the Budget - Christopher Nolan joined the Nassau County Office of Management and Budget in April 2005.  Currently, Mr. Nolan is coordinating and tracking the County’s FEMA financial reimbursement effort.  In his present role, he focuses on special projects that require the coordination of multiple departments, and/or multiple disciplines, including finance, technology, planning and operations.  He has led or played a key role in various initiatives involving improved fiscal management, general business process improvement, energy management, and technology projects.  Prior to his work with the County, Mr. Nolan enjoyed over nine years of service to the City of New York, working in various capacities for the City’s Department of Parks and Recreation, the Mayor’s Office of Management and Budget, and the New York City Housing Authority.  He is a graduate of St. John’s University and resides in Nassau County with his family. 

Irfan Qureshi, Senior Deputy Director of the Budget - Irfan Qureshi joined the Office of Management and Budget in July 2006 as a Budget Examiner.  Mr. Qureshi has over 20 years of financial analysis experience.  He held various positions during his time with the County including Senior Budget Examiner, Manager of Performance Management, Deputy Budget Director, and his current role as Senior Deputy Director of the Budget.  His responsibilities include assisting the Deputy County Executive of Finance, and the Budget Director with the day-to-day management of County finances.  Mr. Qureshi supervises a team of budget examiners to insure proper and timely handling of the day-to-day operations including review of County contracts, purchase orders, requisitions, hiring requests, and legislative items.  In addition, Mr. Qureshi assists the Budget Director in preparing the annual budget, multi-year plan, financial reporting and monthly projections.  His other projects include sales tax analysis, position control and analysis, data management, assistance with the police budget, countywide budget transfers, journal entries, year-end closing, and creation of the annual budget documents.  Prior to joining Nassau County, he was a Senior Budget Analyst at Phoenix House Foundation working on the company’s internal budget, as well as financial reporting, from 2005 to 2006.  Other prior experience includes work at Canon USA from 2002 to 2005 as a Budget Control Analyst where his focus was on monthly closings, financial reporting, and expense analyses.  He also worked at MCI WorldCom from 1996 to 2002 as a Financial Analyst.  Mr. Qureshi holds a bachelor’s degree in Finance from Baruch College.

Irina Sedighi, Deputy Director of the Budget – Irina Sedighi joined the Nassau County Office of Management and Budget in January 2019. Irina Sedighi is a CFA and has over 15 years of financial analysis experience.  Her responsibilities include the financial oversight of the Department of Social Services.  Ms. Sedighi also processes the Inter-Departmental Service Agreements (ISA) requiring the coordination of multiple departments.  Additionally, Irina is responsible for managing and reporting on a Countywide performance management software solution that links departmental performance to Nassau County goals and objectives.  Prior to her work with the County, Ms. Sedighi was with EVO Payments, Intl., responsible for North America Financial Planning and Analysis.  Prior to joining EVO, Ms. Sedighi worked in investment banking.  Ms. Sedighi is a graduate of Columbia Business School, and the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology at the University of Pennsylvania.

Philip Wasserman, Deputy Director of the Budget – Phil Wasserman joined the Nassau County Office of Management and Budget in January 2019.  Mr. Wasserman’s areas of focus include finance, sales tax analysis, revenue enhancement, fringe benefits, and other projects.  Prior to his work with the County, Mr. Wasserman spent 13 years with the New York City Office of Management and Budget working in the Finance Policy Unit on debt, modeling, and other projects.  He also worked as an investment banker and an environmental engineer.  Mr. Wasserman holds degrees from Cornell University, the University of Texas at Austin, as well as Columbia University.

Dennis Steiner, Senior Budget Examiner – Dennis Steiner joined the Nassau County Office of Management and Budget in October 2018.  His chief responsibility is to provide technical analysis and strategic input for the current round of labor negotiations.  In particular, he is responsible for the cost analysis of management and labor bargaining proposals, measuring the impact on the County’s financial plan, and ensuring conformance to the County’s bargaining pattern.  In addition, Mr. Steiner provides analysis for special projects to OMB, the Office of Labor Relation, and other agencies.  Mr. Steiner previously spent 23 years with the New York City of Office of Labor Relations.  As Deputy Research, he served in the same capacity as he does now for the County, as well as being the lead negotiator for several bargaining units.  Later in his tenure, he served as the Director of Financial Management for the City’s Employee Benefits Program, while continuing in an advisory role in support of the City’s labor negotiations.  Mr. Steiner earned a B.B.A in Marketing Management from Baruch College in 1976.

Shirley Dews, Budget Examiner – Shirley Dews joined the Nassau County Office of Management and Budget in July 2018.  With over 25 years of experience in the financial realm, she currently has budgetary oversight of Public Administration, Information Technology, Department of Human Resources, Constituent Affairs, Human Rights, Housing and Homeless Prevention, Purchasing/Shared Services, Coordinating Agency for Spanish Americans (CASA), and Labor Relations.  Prior to working for the Office of Management and Budget, Shirley worked for Nassau County’s Office of Housing and Intergovernmental Affairs (OHIA) as a Financial Analyst.  In this capacity, she ensured the financial compliance, and accurate recording of HPRP funds.  Shirley was responsible for the financial recording and oversight as it pertained to local nonprofits and municipalities that received Housing and Urban Development (HUD) funding.  These HUD-assisted programs included ESG, HOME, CDBG, CDBG-R, CDBG-DR, Lead Program, Neighborhood Stabilization Program, and Section 8 Loan Guarantee funding.  Prior to working for OMB, her position as a Fiscal Director within the nonprofit sector required her to oversee grants management, budget preparation, and the annual Consolidated Financial Report (CFR), CBR and CQR, which included in-depth cost and budget reporting for OASAS.  In both positions, she coordinated and prepared the agencies for yearly comprehensive audits; ensuring continued financial stability.  Mrs. Dews currently holds a Bachelor’s in Finance and Economics, a Master’s in Public Administration/Nonprofit Management.

Sanju Jacob, Budget Examiner – Sanju Jacob joined the Nassau County Office of Management and Budget in February 2019.  His responsibilities include the financial oversight of the Department of Minority Affairs, Department of Fire Commission, Department of Veterans Services, Department of Parks, Department of Traffic & Violation, and the Department of Probations.  Prior to joining the County, he has interned for Madison Square Garden in the Department of Finance.  Mr. Jacob has a B.S. in Accounting, and a M.B.A from New York Institute of Technology.

Nadiya Gumieniak, Budget Examiner – Nadiya joined the Nassau County Office of Budget and Management and Budget in March 2019.  Her responsibilities include the financial oversight and preparation of monthly financial projections for the Department of Public Works, the Corrections Department, County Comptroller, Health Department and Department of Human Services to ensure departments are within their annual budget spending and revenue targets; and provides explanations for variances when necessary.  Mrs. Gumieniak also reviews and processes service contracts, purchase orders, requisitions, board transfers, supplementals and ordinances.  Prior to joining the County, she worked in the private sector as Finance Assistant at Itochu International, Inc., in NYC, where she performed the day-to-day operations in Corporate Finance and Treasury.  Her responsibilities also included monthly closings, daily funding, reconciliations, loan administration and intercompany settlements.  Nadiya also has experience in banking and property and casualty insurance.  From January 2013 to April 2016, she worked for Citibank, and prior to that she worked at Allstate Insurance Agency while still in college.  She graduated from CUNY Baruch College in 2013 with a B.B.A in Finance.  She is fluent in Ukrainian, Polish and Russian.

Worker’s Compensation Unit

Steven Munzing, Program Coordinator – Steven Munzing joined the Nassau County Office of Management and Budget in October 2010.  He manages the County workers’ compensation claims by analyzing each claim submitted to assess its validity as well as identifying possible abuse and safety issues.  He interfaces with the County’s Third-Party Administrator and outside counsel regularly to ensure that claims are processes efficiently, and that the County complies with all State guidelines and statues.  Mr. Munzing maintains a database of all employees authorized to drive County vehicles ensuring each employee has and maintains a valid NYS driver’s license.  He also performed the testing on the County’s Risk Management System, managed its deployment, and continues to manage the operation and enhancement of that system.  Prior to joining the County, he worked as a Senior Business Systems Analyst for Cablevision Systems Corporation.  Prior to that, he worked for over 20 years for Avis Rent a Car System, Inc. where he held several positions including Director of Commercial Pricing.  He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Adelphi University.

Debt Service Unit 

Steven D. Conkling, Debt Manager – Steven D. Conkling joined the Nassau County Office of Management & Budget in July 2010.  He is responsible for debt service appropriations and structuring all debt issuances to meet the County’s cash flow and capital needs.  Prior to joining OMB, he was the County Treasurer beginning in March 2006.  Prior to joining the County, he worked in investment banking, specializing in mergers and acquisitions.  From 2001 to 2005, Mr. Conkling was an Investment Vice President in Prudential Financial Inc.’s Corporate Mergers & Acquisitions Group of Chase Securities, Inc.  As a member of Chase’s Corporate Finance Department from 1988 to 1994, he assisted in managing and executing the bank’s mergers and acquisitions, capital markets activities, and holding company liquidity.  He earned a M.B.A. from New York University Stern School of Business and a B.S. in Finance and Economics from Boston College. 

Audits, Grants & Quality Assurance Unit

Ana Sousa, Director of Audits, Grants & Quality Assurance – Ana Sousa rejoined the Office of Management of Budget (OMB) in December,2018 to oversee and assist the County Departments in their response to audits and implementation of corrective action plans.  Additionally, she will be assisting in OMB’s grant management function, as well as overseeing the Assessment Department’s Quality Assurance Group.    Prior to joining OMB, Ms. Sousa served nine years as the Health Department Deputy Commissioner for Administration, four years as Deputy Budget Director for OMB; responsible for the Health and Human Services vertical agency budgets, and three years as Special Projects Analyst in the Office of the Comptroller performing special projects as well as assisting in audits. Before working for the County, Ms. Sousa worked 15 years at JPMorgan Chase in Investment Management and Private Banking Technology and Internal Audit.  Ms. Sousa received her B.B.A. in Accounting and Information Systems from Pace University.

John Giordano, Senior Budget Examiner – John Giordano joined the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as a Senior Budget Examiner in March 2019.  He will be assisting the Director of Audits, Grants & Quality Assurance in helping various departments with documented Policies and Procedures, and recommendations for control gaps.  Prior to joining Nassau County, Mr. Giordano ran his own business for over 25 years.  He managed multiple departments including sales, customer service, accounting, logistics and servicing.  His prior experiences included revenue forecasting, budgeting, profit and loss reporting, negotiating contracts and vendor management. 

Daniela Capozzo, Budget Examiner  - Daniela Capozzo joined the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as a Budget Examiner in September 2019. Her responsibilities include assisting the Director of Audits, Grants & Quality Assurance in helping various departments with documenting Policies and Procedures and recommendations for control gaps. Prior to joining Nassau County, Ms. Capozzo worked for twenty-three years in the private sector at JPMorgan Chase as a Vice President in Asset Management Finance supporting Global Technology and Operations. Her prior experience includes profitability reporting, budgeting, forecasting, project management, as well as resource and location strategy.