Grants Plan

Nassau County is improving the management of its Grant Fund by providing more transparency to the grants process. The Grants Plan is the first document ever published by the County that details all anticipated grant funds to be received during 2006 and how they will be spent. The Plan's objective is to have an inventory of all County grants, including descriptions and object code appropriations. It will give the County the ability to foresee the programs that will be funded through these grants and the source of funding, including the impact on the major funds. This document is the beginning of the Grants Reform Project, which will improve the transparency of the Grant Fund and enhance monitoring and oversight.

Grants Manual 2014 (PDF) (~ 4 mb .pdf file - 138 pages)

Grants Manual 2012 (PDF) (~ 1 mb .pdf file - 154 pages)

Grants Manual 2010 (PDF) (~ 1 mb .pdf file - 196 pages)

Grants Manual 2009 (PDF) (~ 1.9 mb .pdf file - 246 pages)

Grants Manual 2008 (PDF) (~ 1.4 mb .pdf file - 325 pages)

Grants Manual 2007 (PDF) (~ 1.1 mb .pdf file - 306 pages)

Grants Manual 2006 (PDF) (~ 6.5 mb .pdf file - 322 pages)