Information Technology

Our mission is to provide cost-effective, timely, convenient, reliable, and secure information technology solutions of value, to the citizens of Nassau County, Nassau County business community, and employees of Nassau County.

The Office of Information Technology was officially designated as an agency in 2002 to provide increased visibility to the strategic direction of the County's technology plans. The agency's mission is to maintain effective and efficient technology within and to the County.

The Department of Information Technology is a centralized support agency with responsibilities for diverse missions, threaded with the goal of providing excellent service. This includes the administration and management of County's data processing systems, voice & data telecommunications networks, and geographic information system. The Department of Information Technology helps to ensure economical and proper utilization of County resources by overseeing the management of technology contract work by coordinating the contractor's plans and commitments with the overall needs and objectives of County management. Additionally, the Department of Information Technology oversees centralized Technology Services Internal to the County.

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