Program Management Office


To ensure our information technology investments serve the business goals of the county, the Office of Information Technology continues to support and promote project management policies, guidelines, and best practices adopted by the Project Management Institute (PMI®). The project management training program will continue to evolve to better meet the needs of the county's information technology community.

With new e-government initiatives being developed and the need for collaboration between agencies to share data across diverse platforms, it has become apparent that a standardized methodology of project management tracking and reporting is needed.


Understanding that project management necessitates a partnership between technology and business, the Program Management Office (PMO) will include the business of government within its objectives.

Specific objectives include:

  • Advance project management awareness and capability level for projects by defining methodologies and establishing processes, which encompass all project management disciplines
  • Provide direction and implement project management strategies, policies, and procedures that allow the most effective and efficient use of resources and for project prioritization methods.
  • Proactively promote the discipline of project management best practices to all county government agencies, departments, or entities.
  • Identify, provide, and promote certification and continuing professional development in the area of project management.
  • Include and encourage project management participation from within the non-technical community.