Data Center Operations

The Data Center Support Section is comprised of four main groups:

Operating Systems Support Group

The Operating Systems Support Group maintains availability of operating system components. They provide problem diagnosis and resolution for operating system components, operating system performance tuning, and capacity planning. This group also installs and applies maintenance to operating system components and specialized support packages.

Network Systems Support Group

The Network Systems Support Group is responsible for the support of domain name services (DNS), the county internet servers, the county shared firewall complex, and intrusion detection system. They support remote network access through virtual private networking (VPN) and act as an interface between the county, state, and federal networks.

Technical Services Support Group

The Technical Services Support Group is responsible for maintaining the structure and control of various products including:

  • Maintaining the Resource Access Control Facility (RACF) security system and the various security reporting software products that utilize RACF
  • Installing and maintaining the consolidated active directory security system and the various security reporting and monitoring software products for active directory
  • Providing assistance to customers whom need to resolve security related technical issues and provide guidance for those customers whom have questions on how to improve the security of their systems.

Email Services Group

The Email Services Group maintains the mail relay services, which include initial spam filtering and virus scanning. They are also responsible for the implementation and management of the state's consolidated email servers and maintains availability of communication. They provide problem diagnosis and resolution for communication system components. They also provide communication system performance tuning, install, and apply maintenance to communication system components and to specialized support packages.