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About Us / Mission Statement

The Nassau County Fire Service Academy's Public Fire Safety Education Division was established in 1982 and given the primary mission of assisting Nassau County's schools to comply with Section 808 of the New York State Education Law

808: Instruction in Fire and Arson Prevention

  • The Commissioner of Education is herby directed to provide and prescribe a course of instruction in fire and arson prevention relating to the protection of life and property against loss or damage as a result of criminally initiated or other preventable fire, for use in the schools of the state, as prescribed by this section
  • The Board of Education, Trustees, Principal or other person in charge of every public, private, and parochial school in the state shall arrange for giving such course of instruction in every school under it's or his control or direction. Such instruction shall be given to all the pupils in every such school for a period of not less then forty-five minutes in each month during which such school is in session

Assistance Provided

  • Distribution of the National Fire Protection Association's Preschool program, Learn Not to Burn curriculum for grades K-8, and Fire Safety For The Rest of Your Life curriculum for grades 9 -12
  • Teacher In-Service Workshops for curriculum implementation
  • Teacher Refresher Workshops
  • A loan library containing multiple copies of over fifty up-to-date age appropriate videos
  • Distribution of printed curriculum support materials

In addition to it's primary mission, the Division was also directed to develop and deliver innovative public education programs which will have the end impact of no increase or a decrease in the number of deaths, injuries, dollar loss or actual fires per capita due to elements including knowledge changes, behavior changes, and/or environmental changes.