Shared Services

The Nassau County Department of Shared Services manages and administers functions of county government common to all departments. It works closely with the departments of Purchasing, Information Technology, Human Resources, and the offices of Equal Employment Opportunity, and Labor Relations.

As part of New York State’s County-Wide Shared Services Initiative (CWSSI) law, the department of Shared Services also develops the yearly Nassau County Shared Services Plan, in conjunction with local municipalities. Through intergovernmental cooperation, the plan establishes opportunities to share and coordinate services, with the goal of making government more efficient and reducing costs for taxpayers. Email us at with ideas or suggestions for new shared service opportunities, or how the county can provide current services more efficiently.

The Nassau County Shared Services Panel

The Shared Services Panel is led by the County Executive, and consists of the mayors and supervisors of the County’s three towns, two cities, and 64 incorporated villages. The Panel recommends initiatives to coordinate services and provide cost reductions, and votes to approve the yearly plan.

2020 Nassau County Shared Services Plan

In conjunction with SUNY’s Rockefeller Institute of Government and The Benjamin Center, the department of Shared Services is currently developing the 2020 Shared Services Plan. The following is a timeline of the process, with links to associated materials:

  • First Meeting of the Shared Services Panel – July 10th 2019
  • Shared Services Potential Initiatives - Survey Responses from Municipalities
  • First Public Meeting - September 23rd 2019
  • Draft Shared Services Plan
  • Presentation to Nassau County Village Officials Association – October 15th 2019
  • Second and Third Public Meetings – October 24th 2019
  • Nassau County Legislative Review Period: 10/25/19 – 12/9/19
  • Panel Vote to Approve 2020 Shared Services Plan – December 10th 2019
  • Final 2020 Nassau County Shared Services Plan