NY Villages Dental/Vision Cooperative

There is now a way to share services regarding dental/vision insurance that will provide competitive prices through the New York Villages Dental/Vision Cooperative. It is built specifically for the public sector and only requires 2 eligible employees to join.  This strength in numbers approach provides flexibility to be either employer paid or employee payroll deducted. Not only can this cooperative be used to improve benefits, it can also be used to attract and retain employees.

A proposal in Nassau’s 2020 Share Services Plan, to be implemented in 2021, called for interested municipalities and government entities to explore feasibility of coordinated insurance plans for dental/ vision insurance. Under NY State law, the State will match between 95% and 100% of the first year’s savings when municipalities implement a proposal outlined in their annual shared services plan. The savings is calculated by documenting the cost of providing the service on their own versus the cost of providing it jointly. This cooperative is suitable for any public entity in Nassau County trying to improve their benefits offerings.

If interested in learning more please contact:

Chrissy Kiernan, MPA, CMC, RMC, CMFO
Village Clerk-Treasurer
Inc. Village of Baxter Estates
315 Main Street, Port Washington, NY 11050