Application Roadmap

  1. Application is submitted through the Nassau S.E.P.T.I.C. Portal
  2. Application is reviewed by the Nassau County Soil & Water Conservation District
  3. The following documents are required to be uploaded to your account before a reimbursement can be issued:
    1. Stamped architectural/engineering drawings submitted to the local building department for their review/approval
    2. Approved permit from the local building department
    3. Approved Certificate of Occupancy or document equivalent from the local building department
    4. Signed three (3) year maintenance agreement for your I/A OWTS system
  4. Documents required under 3a. – 3d. must be submitted within one (1) year of the original application date
  5. Applicants will have a total of twelve (12) months from initial application to complete the installation of their I/A OTWS system, including all local approvals
    1. The twelve-month project time period will be waived if installation is completed within twelve months and the local building department is not able to inspect the property until after twelve months of submission of the original application.
  6. Only the following systems are eligible for reimbursement:
    1. Fuji Clean CEN Series
    2. Hydro-Action AN Series
    3. Norweco HydroKinetic
    4. Norweco Singulair TNT
    5. Orenco Advantex AX20-RT
    6. SeptiTech STAAR