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1. Who can vote?
2. Where can I get a mail registration application?
3. Can I register in person?
4. Do I have to register every year?
5. How will I know where to vote?
6. How do candidates get on the ballot?
7. Who can sign a petition?
8. Should I be concerned about signing a petition?
9. What is a primary election?
10. Why should I enroll in a political party?
11. How do I enroll in a political party?
12. What happens if I can't vote on election day?
13. How can I get an absentee ballot?
14. How do I mark a paper ballot?
15. I'm disabled. Where can I vote?
16. What do I need when I go to vote?
17. What do I do when I get to the polling place?
18. What if I'm not permitted to vote?
19. How do the new voting machines work?
20. What if I need help during voting?
21. If I register to vote, will I be called for jury duty?
22. Can a felony conviction affect my right to vote?
23. What are the citizenship requirements for voting?
24. How do I register to vote?