Restitution and Fee Payments: payments now can be done with a credit or debit card. Click here for more information.
During emergencies or severe weather events, watch Cablevision News 12 for information regarding closing and reporting locations. You can also check Emergency information at the Nassau County Office of Emergency Management. 


The Probation Department fosters the essential system reform necessary to provide better outcomes for juvenile and adult offenders while better utilizing diminishing system resources.  Probation will continue to build on its collaborative relationship with State and local juvenile and criminal justice stakeholders.



The Probation Department strives to make Nassau County a safer community by providing cost-effective, outcome-driven alternatives to incarceration that focuses on providing timely and appropriate evidence-based services to offenders that will mitigate the individual’s risk of recidivism.  At the same time, Probation will hold fully accountable those offenders who do not benefit by the opportunity to achieve positive change in their lives.

If you have questions about fees or restitution you can call 516 571-0742 or email the Restitution and Fee Unit at

To register for a Victim Impact Panel run by the Nassau County Probation Department in conjunction with the Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), please call 516 571-1917 or email us at