Adaptive Equipment to Aid Independence

Many individuals with physical disabilities need modifications to everyday utensils, tools, and household devices in order for them to perform daily tasks independently. The following section identifies a variety of adaptive equipment available, as well as the specific functions they can assist individuals with.

Brush HolderBrush Holder
Using only one hand, a scrub brush with suction cups can be adhered to a sink surface to clean fingernails or to enable cleaning of dentures. Contact your local medical / surgical supply provider.
Button HookButton Hook
It is used for fastening buttons by individuals who have either poor manipulation ability with both hands, or by those who have the use of only one hand. In this illustration, the sequence of device use is illustrated from left to right. First, the wire portion is passed through the button hole. The button is then hooked. The hooked button is then pulled through the button hole and released. Contact your local medical / surgical supply provider.
Doorbell SignalerDoorbell Signaler
Used by the deaf as a doorbell. Contact your local fire department and/or hardware store.
Sling board demoSling boardsSliding Board
The sliding board is Used to help disabled with transfers. Contact your local medical / surgical supply provider.
Sock AidSock Aid
The sock aid assists the donning of socks or stockings without requiring either bending over to reach the feet or lifting the legs to the hands. While holding the device between the legs stretch the sock over the device until the sock meets the base knots of the rope pulling device. The heel of the sock should slide along the underside of the device. The "sock aid" is then placed on the ground while holding onto pull ropes with each hand. The toes are then pointed and placed into the "mouth" of the device. Traction is then placed on the ropes while attempting to keep the toes pointed. The device should slide up the foot and past the heel while pulling the sock or stocking onto the foot. The sock aid can be found at your local convenience store.
Swivel UtensilsSwivel Utensils
Swivel utensils allow someone with poor grip to feed themselves. Contact your local medical / surgical supply provider
Talking Caller IDTalking Caller ID
The talking caller ID lets the disabled hear who is calling. Contact your local telephone company.
Voice Phone DialerVoice Phone Dialer
The voice phone dialer allows a disabled person to call someone without using their hands. Contact your local telephone company.
Video Relay ServiceVideo Relay Service
The video relay service is a device used by the deaf to interpret a telephone conversation. Contact your local telephone provider.
Wash MittWash Mitt
A wash mitt fastens with Velcro® around the wrist. It can be used when hand strength is inadequate for the grasp of a washcloth. Can be found at your local convenient store.