Handicapped Parking

Handicapped Parking

Where to Obtain a Permit

The Office for the Physically Challenged (OPC) issues New York State Handicapped Parking Permits to Nassau County citizens with disabilities who qualify under New York State criteria.

While most areas of the county are addressed by our office, several localities issue this permit through their village hall, police department, or OPC alternative administrative offices. Non-county residents are serviced by other OPC alternative municipal organizations.

Once you have a permit, you'll be pleased to know that every effort is made to keep designated handicapped parking spaces available for people with disabilities. Our office works closely with the Nassau County Police Department in this regard and volunteers are periodically trained to assist in this effort. Filing a false claim is a crime.

Instructions for Applications

  • You must be a Nassau County Resident. You are eligible for a permit if you are a resident of Nassau County who has one or more severe disabilities that impair your mobility. All applications must have a Nassau County street address (no post office boxes).
  • All applications must be fully completed and properly executed. All questions must be answered and a medical certification must be completed by a New York State practicing licensed medical doctor (no chiropractor). All applications must be signed not stamped.
  • All permits are issued in the name of the person with the disability, therefore all information on the application must pertain to the disabled applicant. You do not have to be the driver. Children and non-drivers can apply for a permit. The application must be in the name of the person with the disability.
  • The Department of New York State Motor Vehicles requires the disabled person's New York State drivers license client ID number or on a NYS ID card to be on the permit. Enclose a copy of disabled applicants ID (not the person driving them) with this completed application.
  • Copies or faxes of applications will result in immediate denial.
  • To expedite the issuance of your permit upon approval, please enclose a self-addressed (number 10 size) envelope.
  • Any false statement on the application by the applicant or by the doctor will result in refusal to issue a permit. Filing a false application is a crime.

Complete a Handicapped Parking Permit Application (PDF). View all New York State Department of Motor Vehicles forms.

Contact Information

For more information, please call 516-227-7399.