Foil Subject Matter Listing


Office of the County Attorney – Nassau County Freedom of Information Law

Not all listed records are available for disclosure pursuant to FOIL.

Legal Counsel
·County Charter
·Administrative Code
·Miscellaneous Laws
·Local Legislation (Local Laws, Ordinances, and Resolutions)
·Formal Legal Opinions
·Capital Budget Documents
·Freedom of Information Law
Family Court
·Files related to Child Support Matters
·UIFSA or DSS case files where DCA appears
·Child Abuse and Neglect case files
·Juvenile Delinquency case files
·Person in Need of Supervision (PINS) files where DCA appears
Litigation & Appeals
·Notices of Claim
·50-h Transcripts
·Correspondence (parties, court, and clients)
·Medical/Psychiatric/Psychological Records
·Employment Records
·Deposition Transcripts
·Trial Transcripts
·Education Records and Transcripts
·Records of Various County Agencies
·Employee Personnel files and disciplinary records
·Records/reports of non-County agencies
·Investigation reports from County and non-County agencies
·Court Orders
·Memos to Indemnification Board and Board Determinations
·Reservation of Rights and letters to clients
·Litigation Hold Requests
·Research and Attorney Notes
·Position Statements to NYS DHR/EEOC
·Appellate Documents

-Documents generated in litigation

-Settlement agreements and associated records
Municipal Finance
·Bonds and Note closing transcripts
·Nassau County Sewer and Storm Water Finance Authority Meeting Materials
Municipal Transactions
·Intermunicipal Agreements
·Real Estate Documents
·Contracts of goods and services
·All County Attorney contracts
Property Assessment Litigation
·Note of Issue
·Requests for Judicial Intervention
·Subject Property Information
        ·Income and Expense Statements
        ·Rent rolls
        ·Photographs, publications such as news articles
        ·Sale Documents (Contract of Sale, closing statement, listing information etc.)
        ·Property Card (property descriptions, size, usage, age and location)
·Valuation Documents
        ·Income and Expense Analysis by County
        ·Property records and writ information
·Settlement Documents
        ·Negotiation sheet/conference sheet
        ·Schedule A or AR 70
        ·Stipulation of Settlement
        ·Order and Judgment
·Appraisals (preliminary appraisals and trial appraisals)
·Legal Memorandum
·Correspondence (letters/faxes/emails from petitioner and the court)
·Article 78 Motion Papers (if applicable) (petitions, answers and decisions)

*Update was July 2021*