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2021-05-04 Bring Treats to Teachers at MacArthur High School-- Teacher Appreciation Week Stop 1-7514

COVID -19 had a hard-economic impact on all sectors of Nassau’s economy but one of the hardest hit was our school districts who had to pick up the cost of adjusting to new protocols and mandates in order to reopen their doors while keeping students and faculty safe. Expenses like new HVAC filters, new barriers in classrooms and communal spaces, enhanced cleaning among many other costs put a burden on their budgets, which in turn can be passed onto the local taxpayer. School districts have avenues for grants and reimbursements but federal funding streams like FEMA or ESSER can be difficult to navigate and cumbersome to administer -- leaving money on the table that should go to support school districts. In order to help districts make the most of federal dollars, Nassau County will now be providing consulting services to school districts to apply for FEMA reimbursements.

To assist districts, Nassau has established the following:

  • Webinar for School administrators and faculty on June 23 at 2:00 pm & June 25 at 10:00 am
  • Identify technological needs to assist students with digital access issues 
  • FEMA grant application assistance including 
    • request for public assistance, 
    • review of documentation, 
    • FEMA web portal management, 
    • FEMA & DHSES requests for information
    • ARP-ESSER application and planning assistance

To register for the webinars, please email

For questions or assistance, please contact: or call 516-281-6144

Click here for the COVID district questionnaire