Forms & Instructions

Should I file online or on a paper form?
If you have e-mail, filing online is recommended. Filing online is faster and more accurate. You can file online for any type of property and any type of claim. Click here to file online.

Which application form should I use?
Use one of ARC’s three application forms. Use form AR1 to contest the value of an exclusively residential one, two, or three family house or Class 1 condominium unit. Use AR2 to contest the value of all other property types. Use AR3 if you disagree with the property’s tax class or exemptions.

Can I attach documents to my application form?
Yes. The instructions for each application form list required documents for specific property types and claims. You may attach any other information you believe is relevant. If you file online, you can attach word documents, spreadsheets, digital photographs and scanned images. If you are unable to attach your documents electronically, you may submit them separately by mail referencing your parcel id.

Available January 4, 2021 to March 1, 2021

Assessment Review (AR) Forms:
Click the links below to view forms and instructions in PDF format. Use AROW to complete the form and file online between January 4, 2021 and March 1, 2021. Forms will be available January 4, 2021.

Form AR 12
Withdrawal of Applications
Please NOTE that this is for PAPER applications, AROW filings should be Withdrawn by the filer in AROW.
Instructions for form AR71 ("pdf" file)
ARC Residential Stipulation

2022 ARC Preliminary Determination
Please note that this form will be transmitted to you if it applies to your application review