ARC Community Grievance Workshops

ARC Community Grievance Workshops


The Assessment Review Commission is pleased to announce a series of Community Grievance Workshops, hosted by Nassau County Legislators for their constituents. These Workshops will be held live on the internet through a free program called Microsoft Teams.  To watch one of these live workshops, just click on the corresponding link from the calendar below and follow the prompts.

The Workshops consist of a presentation on:

  • How to file a grievance by using the AROW Portal on the ARC Website
  • How to use Sales Locator to locate “Comparable Sales” to use in your grievance 
  • Important Dates
  • How to check your grievance status


During and after the presentation, you will have the opportunity to use the Microsoft Teams Q&A feature to send in questions, which will be addressed at the end of the workshop.  For specific grievance questions about your property, we suggest you contact ARC Customer service at 516-571-3214 or by e-mail at

ARC Community Grievance Workshops Schedule for 2023
(Updated 2/3/2023)

(Viewed in Microsoft Teams)