Representative Page

All Representatives and Attorneys filing on any property as a representative, where you are not the owner, must register and obtain a representative number from ARC. Please email for further information. 

ARC Representative Due Dates

February 9, 2024Deadline for residential and commercial status change, withdrawals of applications 2024/25 and processing any Consents to Change for tax year 2024/25.
March 1, 2024Last day to file Grievances

Forms For Attorneys and Other Representative
 Adobe Acrobat format (PDF)
Form AR 10 (PDF)
Authorization to Represent an Individual Taxpayer (PDF)
Residential Rent Roll Template (PDF)
Commercial Rent Roll Template (PDF)
Form AR 70 (PDF)
ARC Stipulation
Form AR 71 (PDF)
ARC Residential Stipulation
ARC Stipulation Discontinuance (PDF)
Consent to Change Attorney Template (PDF)
 Bulk Upload layout and Specification 
ARC Filing Procedures (PDF)

Protest e-File Layout (PDF)

Parcel Number Format (PDF)

Authorization Image File Specification (PDF)
AR20 Bulk Upload Layout and Specification
AR 20 e-file Layout

ARC AR20 Online Filing Procedures

AR20 Bulk Upload Attachments Naming Convention

AROW AR20 Filing Guide

Duplicate Applications for Correction filed in 2024 for the 2025-26 year
(Updated 4/3/2024 – PDF ~2mb)
(Updated 4/3/2024 xlsx ~13mb)