Assessment Review Calendar

2022-2023 Tax Year for Nassau County

January 4, 2021Department of Assessment publishes tentative assessment roll based on value as of this date.
March 1, 2021Last day to appeal 2022-23 assessment.
March 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022ARC reviews appeals and makes determinations.
April 1, 2022Department of Assessment publishes final 2022/2023 assessment roll reflecting changes made by ARC and exemption changes.
May 2, 2022Last day to file for judicial review of assessments, including Small Claims Assessment Review.
October 1, 2022Town Receiver of Taxes mails school tax bill based on April 2022 assessment.
January 1, 2023Town or city receiver mails general tax bill based on the April 2022 assessment.
Dates are approximately one year earlier for 2021-22 and one year later for 2023-24.