Practitioners' Page

Below are forms for various practitioners of assessment review (AR), provided by the Assessment Review Commission (ARC).

All Attorneys filing on any property as a representative, where you are not the owner,  must be register with ARC as a representative. 

 Forms For Attorneys and Other Representative

  Adobe Acrobat format (PDF)
 Form AR 10
Authorization to Represent an Individual Taxpayer  pdf
 Form AR 11
Authorization to Represent an Entity, 
Fiduciary attorney-In Fact

 Form AR 12
Withdrawal of Applications for 
Correction of Assessment 

 Form AR 20
Request for Information 
Instructions Request for Information
  Residential Rent Roll Template
  Commercial Rent Roll Template
 Form AR 70
ARC Stipulation
Form AR 71
ARC Residential Stipulation
 Form AR 80- ARC Release  
 ARC Stipulation Discontinuance  
SCAR Withdrawal  
 Bulk Upload layout and Specification

Adobe Acrobat format (PDF)
 Protest e-File Layout
Parcel Number Format 
 Authorization Image File Specification
 Data Spreadsheet Containing data on individuals parcel 

Microsoft EXCEL format (XLSX)
 Application for Correction filed in 2017 for the 2018-19 (updated 4/17/2017)
Large file - Allow adequate download time (.xlsx format-12mb)
Duplicate Applications for Correction filed in 2017 for the 2018-19 year
(updated 4/27/17) 
(.xlsx format -540 kb)