Biology Section

The Biology Section was established in 2001 and was accredited by the American Society of Crime Laboratory Directors / Laboratory Accreditation Board (ASCLD/LAB) for body fluid identification and forensic DNA analysis in 2003.  The Biology Section functions to supply the criminal justice system and community of Nassau County with a state-of-the-art forensic DNA testing facility.  The section demonstrates its technical operations and overall management system to meet the requirements of the ASCLD/LAB-International Accreditation Program, the FBI Quality Assurance Standards for Forensic DNA Testing Laboratories, and the National DNA Index System (NDIS). The DNA laboratory will conduct scientific analysis on biological evidence related to criminal investigations. These analyses will be conducted independently and objectively, to provide accurate, reliable and timely results to the legal system of Nassau County.

Services Provided & Test Methods 

The following is a list of general services provided and methodology utilized in the examination of forensic evidence by the Department of Forensic Genetics:

  • Crime scene reconstruction and interpretations of bloodstain patterns
  • Individualization of unknown biological fluids
  • Hemoglobin variant testing
  • Confirmation of biological fluids (including blood, semen, and saliva)
  • Forensic DNA analysis including forensic paternity testing using short tandem repeat analysis
  • Entry and search of DNA profiles in CODIS (Combined, DNA Index System)
  • Preparation of scientific reports
  • Provide expert testimony
  • Offer training to law enforcement agencies
The Biology Section maintains information on-site regarding the exact test methods used in examination and analysis. This information is available to our submitting agencies and customers upon request. Contact the director or quality assurance manager regarding these inquiries. 

Customer Feedback 

The Biology Section strives to provide the highest quality forensic testing services to our customers in a timely fashion. The laboratory management welcomes feedback regarding both positive observations as well as suggestions for improvement of laboratory services. 
Please use our Laboratory Services Feedback Forms which can be returned by Email or facsimile.