Quality Assurance Program

The Quality Assurance Program is designed to provide a system of checks and balances that ensures confidence in the work product of the laboratory and also guarantees that all laboratory practices result in accurate, reliable, and reproducible results. Designated areas of the laboratory are protected by added security measures, including secure key card access and video cameras.  The laboratory is committed to performing its testing activities in accordance with the standards mandated by its regulatory bodies and accrediting organizations. Responsibilities of the Quality Assurance Manager/ Coordinator and associated personnel include, but are not limited to:

  • Maintaining and updating the quality manual
  • Monitoring laboratory practices to verify continued compliance with laboratory policies and procedures
  • Evaluating and maintaining instrument calibration and maintenance records
  • Coordinating with the Laboratory Director to ensure the validation of new casework procedures
  • Investigating technical problems and implementing corrective and/or remedial action
  • Maintaining a competency and proficiency testing program
  • Conducting and coordinating internal quality audits
  • Proposing corrections and improvements in the quality system
  • Recommending training to improve the quality of laboratory staff

Customer Feedback

The Division of Forensic Services strives to provide the highest quality forensic testing services to our customers in a timely fashion. The laboratory management welcomes feedback regarding both positive observations as well as suggestions for improvement of laboratory services. Please use one of our Laboratory Services Feedback Forms below which can be returned by Email or facsimile.

Laboratory Services Feedback Form (PDF)

Court Testimony Evaluation Form (PDF)