Chemistry Section

The Chemistry Section functions to provide the criminal justice system and community of Nassau County with a state-of-the-art forensic controlled substance and fire debris analysis facility.

The controlled substance sub-discipline provides forensic analysis to determine the presence or absence of controlled substances in physical evidence. Controlled substance analysis utilizes state-of-the-art instrumentation to ascertain the chemical integrity and weight of various evidentiary materials such as powders, pills, and vegetative matter collected by law enforcement agencies throughout Nassau County.

The fire debris sub-discipline provides forensic analysis of evidence from fire scenes for the presence or absence of ignitable liquids, such as gasoline and kerosene. Fire debris analysis utilizes state-of-the-art instrumentation to determine the possible presence and type of ignitable liquid from various evidentiary material typically collected by the Nassau County Police Department Arson/Bomb Squad or the Fire Marshal's Office.

Services Provided and Test Methods

The following is a list of general services provided and methodology utilized in the examination of forensic evidence by the Chemistry Section:

  • Confirmation of controlled substances and ignitable liquids
  • Weight determinations
  • Drug purity testing
  • Statistical sampling techniques
  • Offer training to law enforcement agencies
  • Preparation of scientific reports
  • Expert testimony

The Chemistry Section maintains information on-site regarding the exact test methods used in examination and analysis. This information is available to our submitting agencies and customers upon request. Contact the Director or Quality Assurance Manager regarding these inquiries.

Customer Feedback

The Chemistry Section strives to provide the highest quality forensic testing services to our customers in a timely fashion. The laboratory management welcomes feedback regarding both positive observations as well as suggestions for improvement of laboratory services. Please use our Laboratory Services Feedback Forms which can be returned by Email or facsimile