Residential Rehabilitation

The Residential Rehabilitation Program is administered by the Office of Community Development (OCD) was designed to help people of limited income have necessary repairs and/or upgrades performed on their owner occupied homes. Income eligibility determination is based on the income limits set forth by the U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development (HUD). With OCD's Residential Rehabilitation program, each municipality that receives residential rehabilitation funding is obligated to outreach to low/mod income homeowners in need of weatherization and other health and safety repairs. The work performed may include energy saving items such as, windows, doors, roofs, high efficiency boilers, and burners. Architectural barrier removal and handicap accessibility, lead based paint testing and abatement are also eligible items under this program.

All OCD administered residential rehabilitation projects are subject to a Five Year Recapture Note and Mortgage. This note stipulates that if the homeowner sells the property within five years, OCD will recapture the funds allotted to the rehabilitation project. The Town of Hempstead, Town of Oyster Bay and The Town of North Hempstead administer their own Residential Rehabilitation programs for unincorporated areas within their townships.

Sample of Eligible Items*:

Exterior: Windows, Vinyl Siding, Re-point Brick Stoop, New Stoop, Roof, Flat roof, Leaders & Gutters, New Garage Door, Access Ramp, Garage Door, Railing.


Boiler, Doors, Water Heaters, Electrical Upgrades, Handicap Bathrooms, Handicap Ramps/Lifts, Handrails

* All eligible items covered under the program are for functional rehabilitation of the home only. Rehabilitation Funds are NOT for decorative changes