If you are a contractor, here's what you need to know...

Any licensed home improvement contractor who works in Nassau County is eligible to apply to the Residential Rehabilitation Program. Contractors who are accepted to work in the Nassau County Residential Rehabilitation Program must adhere to Nassau County policies as outlined below: Contractors

Nassau County Policies:

  • All contractors MUST verify receipt of a copy of the Nassau County Master Specification handbook
  • Participating contractors can hold no more than five (5) rehab jobs at once
  • All work change orders must be submitted in writing and approved by this office.
  • Work change orders submitted after the work was performed will not be approved for payment
  • Three (3) complaints in a six (6) month period from clients will result in an immediate six (6) month suspension with no appeal process
  • All contractors must adhere to a twelve (12) week construction Schedule
  • All contractors bidding on jobs must have a representative sign in at the job site. Failure to do so will result in a non-opened bid
  • All requests for payment must be filled out correctly accompanied with a (2) two year warranty on their labor and material. Incomplete paper work will be mailed back and could result in delay of payment
  • Refusal of two (2) jobs within a six (6) month period will result in a six (6) month suspension
  • All general contractors shall hold a current Nassau County home improvement license and be fully licensed in all participating communities
  • All county general contractors must have all pertinent and current insurance, workers compensation etc.
  • All county general contractors must pre-pay their job related materials according to their bid specifications
  • All participating contractors must hold a certificate in lead safe work practices and certification in renovation, repair and paint rule (RPR) as required by the EPA.

For an application to become a Contractor for the Residential Rehabilitation Progam (PDF).