Boot & Tow Program

If two or more Parking and/or Photo Enforcement Notices of Liability are ignored by a vehicle owner, the owner’s vehicle may be booted. Once a vehicle is booted and/or towed there are no offers or reductions. A booted vehicle will not be released until the fines and fees assessed at the time of booting are paid in full either by paying the boot fee via the website on the boot notice, calling the number on the boot to pay electronically or by paying in cash at the Agency. After a boot has been on a vehicle for 48 hours, the car may be towed.

Below is a picture of the boot device as well as the notice that is place on the vehicle.  Please follow the directions on the notice to have the boot removed, or if your car has been towed, to retrieve it.  The information on the notice is also summarized below for those who have trouble reading it or in case your car has been towed before you removed the notice.

Information from the notice is summarized below

  • Do not attempt to move the vehicle as it may result in serious damage to the vehicle.
  • This vehicle has been immobilized by Nassau County for 2 or more outstanding parking violations or photo enforcement (Red Light or School Zone Safety) notices of liability pursuant to County Administrative Code, Section 8-120.
  • Visit or call 1-844-338-6301 24/7 for more information and to pay the removal fee by credit card or bank transfer and get a code to release the boot which must be returned by the next business day to any of the locations listed on the boot notice. If you cannot lift the boot which weighs about 16 pounds, you should request that after payment an agent come and remove the boot.  This will take somewhere between 1 and 4 hours. You will need the Boot Violation # and the license plate number of the car. The vehicle is subject to towing.  If it has already been towed, towing and storage fees will also be assessed and you will be directed to the location of the tow yard where your vehicle has been towed.
  • Nassau County assumes no liability for the loss or damage of this vehicle or its contents while immobilized. Damage to the immobilization or booting equipment will result in additional charges.  Delays in returning the boot will incur a $25 per day charge and a damaged or non-returned boot will result in an additional $500 charge.  
  • If you cannot pay by credit card, cash only is accepted in person, at The Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency (TPVA), 16 Cooper St., Hempstead, NY 11550, Mon-Fri 9am – 4pm, excluding holidays.


 Additional information on booted and/or towed vehicles

 A scofflaw is a registered owner who has two or more Parking and/or Photo Enforcement Notices of Liability that are in  arrears. Scofflaw vehicles are booted when encountered using license plate reader technology. Booting of a vehicle allows  the owner an opportunity to clear up the matter prior to the vehicle being towed at an additional expense. A $341 booting  fee must be paid to release a boot in addition to the outstanding amounts owed on the tickets for which the vehicle was  booted. If these fines had also caused the vehicle from being re-registered, this matter will be resolved upon payment. Only  purchase and/or registration transactions acceptable to the NYS Department of Motor Vehicles are recognized.

 A Motion to Vacate the Scofflaw must be filed within 30 days from the release of the boot if it is believed the vehicle was  booted and/or towed in error.  If granted, TPVA will determine whether a refund is due