TPVA Veterans Court Program


TPVA launched its Veterans Court Program, a monthly hearing session dedicated to assisting veterans and active duty military members with resolving these claims. 

 “Our Veterans have sacrificed so much for our freedom and we are always looking for ways to thank them for their service.  These designated court sessions are another way we are able to give back by providing them personalized attention and assistance at our Courts,” said Nassau County Executive Laura Curran. 

These exclusive hearings will be presented in conjunction with the Nassau County District Attorney’s Office, Nassau County District Court, Nassau County Veterans Service Agency as well as many other Nassau County based veterans’ groups. The program also welcomes Active Duty members.

Upon proper identification, the veteran or active duty military member will be given every courtesy to resolve their violations or Notices of Liability. NCTPVA will work with the District Court to bundle all traffic violations together. NCTPVA will attempt to resolve the violations in one visit unless additional information is required. Some factors that will be used to determine the disposition of the violations is frequency of violations, age of violations and severity of violations.

Proper Identification includes any of the following;

  • DD214
  • Veteran Health Identification Card
  • Veterans ID Card
  • Driver’s License or State ID Card

Nassau County Veterans Services Agency will have a staff member available for each session to assist the veterans with other needs or services. In addition, Nassau Suffolk Law Services Veterans Rights Project may provide pro bono legal counsel at the sessions.

NCTPVA will announce when Veterans Court Sessions will resume. Contact the Nassau County Veterans Service Agency for more information.

Veterans Court Program