Appeals - Vacates


  1. The respondent must file a Notice of Appeal with Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency within 30 days of receipt of final disposition.

  2. The Agency will mail the Notice of Appeal to Appellate Term, 141 Livingston Street, 15th Floor, Brooklyn, New York 11201

  3. Respondent must order the “Transcript” (minutes) from: TopKey Court Reporting, Inc. at the email

  4. When respondent receives the transcript (minutes) he/she must present them to the Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency to “settle the minutes”.

  5. When the minutes are settled, The Nassau County Traffic & Parking Violations Agency will send the entire file to the Appellate Term.

  6. The Appellate Term will then notify Appellant and Respondent of next steps.


Application to Vacate (Re-Open a case)

If you have pled guilty or had a default conviction issued and would like to apply to the Court to re-open your matter, follow the instructions below.

Each application must include:

  • an application fee of One hundred twenty-five dollars ($125) per violation or Notice of Liability and
  • a statement as to why your matter should be re-opened, restored to the calendar and scheduled for a hearing.

The statement should include:

1) your defense to the underlying violation (a meritorious defense) and

2) why the violation or Notice of Liability was not timely answered (by the due date)

You will receive a written decision in the mail. If the Court finds in your favor the matter will be restored to the calendar for a later hearing.