License Suspensions and Vehicle Registration Holds and Suspensions

License Suspensions

Pending License Suspension

If you received a notice from NYS DMV regarding a license suspension, you must resolve the outstanding violations prior to the suspension date. BE ADVISED THAT THE LICENSE SUSPENSION GOES INTO EFFECT AT 12:01AM ON THE SUSPENSION DATE LISTED ON THE SUSPENSION WARNING NOTICE FROM NYS DMV. It is strongly suggested that you resolve the outstanding violations at least 2 weeks prior to the suspension date.

License Suspended

If your license has been suspended by NYS DMV due to unresolved tickets returnable to NCTPVA, you will owe the outstanding fines and penalties due the Court, A $70 NYS lift suspension fee will also be assessed. YOU MUST APPEAR AT COURT IN ORDER TO HAVE THE SUSPENSION LIFTED.

Registration Holds

If you are unable to renew your vehicle registration due to unresolved tickets and or Photo Enforcement Notices of Liability that are returnable to NCTPVA, YOU MUST APPEAR AT COURT IN ORDER TO HAVE THE REGISTRATION HOLD LIFTED.