Licensing in Nassau County

Nassau County issues for-hire vehicle driver’s licenses (FHV) for drivers and businesses operating in municipalities within the County that do not issue their own hack licenses. In addition, the County issues hack licenses for all drivers and businesses based in the County and operating in New York City, Westchester County, and Suffolk County.

Drivers and businesses operating properly in Nassau County will have displayed in the passenger cabin of their vehicle a copy of their FHV. If the driver is displaying a FHV not issued by the County, but instead issued by a municipality within Nassau County (City of Long Beach, Town of Hempstead, Village of Rockville Centre, etc.) do not be alarmed. The cities, towns, and villages of Nassau County are empowered by the State of New York to issue their own licenses for drivers and businesses operating within their borders.

However, if the driver of your hired vehicle is not displaying any FHV at all, you may have hired an illegal "bandit cab." Bandit Cabs are not registered with the County, they are not licensed by the local municipalities, and their drivers are not licensed by any local government. Bandit Cabs may not be properly inspected, may not include the necessary safety equipment, and their driver may not have had a criminal background check performed by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services.

In addition to FHVs, local municipalities may also require licenses for owning for-hire vehicles, licenses certifying safety checks are regularly performed on the for-hire vehicle, and licenses for the operation of base stations which handle the pre-arranged hire of the vehicles. Please, for your safety, DO NOT HIRE unregistered or unlicensed companies, vehicles, or drivers.