Passenger Information

Nassau County is empowered by the State of New York General Municipal Law, Section 181 to register all for-hire vehicles operating within the County.  The Nassau County Taxi & Limousine Commission is the department responsible for registering for-hire vehicles and enforcing the Rules & Regulations governing that registration.

The purpose of registering all for-hire vehicles within Nassau County is to ensure that you, the passenger, can be assured that the ride you hire is mechanically sound, contains proper safety equipment, and maintains proper levels of liability insurance. In addition, the Taxi & Limousine Commission licenses those drivers who are operating in municipalities that do not issue their own licenses.

Through our Rules & Regulations, you can be confident that when you hire a properly registered and licensed ride, you are purchasing safe and convenient transportation from any point within the County.

Filing a Complaint

While the Taxi & Limousine Commission does not recommend, condone, or authorize the use of unregistered and/or unlicensed rides, you are entitled to the right of safe and courteous transportation anywhere in Nassau County regardless of the legal status of your chosen for-hire vehicle.  

To file a complaint with the Taxi & Limousine Commission, please send us an email

When filing a complaint, please remember:

  • Include the name of the company operating your for-hire vehicle.
  • If possible, include the name of your driver, his/her Hack License number, the vehicle County Registration number, and any other relevant identifying information.
  • If using an unregistered/unlicensed for-hire vehicle, please include the name of your driver, the make/model/color of the vehicle, and the number or contact information used to arrange the ride.
  • Include where you were to be picked up as well as your destination.
  • The amount you agreed to pay for the ride in question.