Rules and Regulations

At the September 17th meeting of the Taxi & Limousine Board, the Board directed the Commission to publish the draft Rules & Regulations for a period of public comment of thirty days.

 If you are interested in submitting public comment, please follow these instructions:

 Instructions for public comment:

  • All responses must be received by close-of-business on the thirtieth day of public comment. I will follow-up next week with the exact deadline
  • All responses should be emailed to us
  • All responses should be emailed in a Microsoft Word-compatible format
  • All comments should reference the page number, section, and subsection(s) being commented upon
  • All responses should be written in a professional manner; expect that all valid responses received will be collated and published under the name of the submitting individual and/or company
  • Anonymous responses will not be considered