Consumer Affairs



The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) provides effective and efficient consumer protection services to County residents and businesses located in Nassau County by working to eliminate fraudulent business practices; protect the County and its citizens, strengthen the County’s economic base; engender community and business trust: expand community outreach; and enhance the quality of life for the Nassau County community.

Consumer Affairs protects and serves consumers in many ways by:

• Enforcing regulations, services, and mandates.

• Ensuring Compliance through investigations, sting operations, hearings, and licensure.

• Establishing standards for safety and accuracy.

• Investigating and mitigating consumer complaints.

• Fostering fair and honest competition by identifying and neutralizing unlicensed and non-compliant enterprises.

• Addressing consumer issues through proactive initiatives and community outreach services.

The Commissioner’s office manages and monitors agency operations, supports investigative activities, carries out criminal prosecution, and gives advice and guidance to DCA staff. Consumer Affairs is organized into many responsibility centers:



This division administers more than 10 thousand licenses in more than 15 types of license and registration categories.  One of the largest license categories the Department manages and oversees is the licensing of home improvement businesses (mandated by Nassau County Administrative Code Section 21-11) by reviewing applications from home improvement contractors to insure they are compliant with established standards.


In the event a complaint is lodged with DCA about a business, whether licensed or unlicensed, a hearing is subsequently conducted with the business. If it is determined that a violation of the law occurred, DCA is mandated to collect fines and penalties levied against the business and in the most egregious situations, suspend their license. DCA also collects, manages, and distributes monies to consumers per the guidelines of the Home Improvement Restitution Fund.


As part of its mission, the department develops and conducts consumer awareness programs for schools and community groups, in addition to developing and distributing consumer education booklets and brochures. As mandated by the N.Y.S. Freedom of Information Law, this office responds to inquiries made to it regarding the historical recording of complaints leveled against a vendor. The department issues press releases, communicates public service announcements, and responds to questions from the media as they relate to preserving, promoting, and protecting the interest of the consumer.


The Investigations and Enforcement Division enforces over 27 Consumer Protection and Licensing Laws that regulate business establishments in Nassau County. This division is always active in making sure Nassau’s consumers are always being protected from unscrupulous businesses.


This division reviews, mediates and resolves consumer complaints by enforcing the laws regulating unfair, deceptive, and unconscionable trade practices (mandated by Nassau County Administrative Code Section 21-10.2) with many of Nassau County’s retail establishments. All complaints are taken seriously and DCA works with many of these retail establishments to resolve the issues.


The Nassau County Taxi and Limousine Division (TLC) regulates the registration and operation of for-hire vehicles in Nassau County. The mission of the TLC is to ensure a fair, safe, and pleasant riding experience for all passengers and a level playing field across the industry. This division handles all consumer complaints relating to the for-hire vehicle industry and conducts enforcement and compliance operations with Police Departments throughout the County. The division promotes consumer safety with a new initiative that includes drug testing, fingerprinting and a defensive driving course for all for-hire license applicants.


As mandated by the N.Y.S. Agriculture and Market Laws, the Weights and Measures Division performs inspections, testing and sealing of all weighing and measuring devices used commercially or in public agencies to assure accuracy and full measure. This division also checks for scanner accuracy at retail stores throughout the county.


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